Where to Shop Ethically and Sustainably in the UK

Where to Shop Ethically and Sustainably in the UK

What if we could easily find small or independently owned businesses to support wherever we went in the UK? Our Green Heart Directory is a new platform for finding where to shop ethically and sustainably. Read on to find out more about what sustainable shopping really means…


An Ethical, Sustainable Alternative to Amazon

Etsy CEO Josh Silverman is coming under fire after revealing his plans to make Etsy a competitor with Amazon. Even on paper this sounds ludicrous. After all, Etsy is meant to be that place where you can buy handcrafted gifts made by local, small businesses, right? Well, maybe not for much longer. Etsy is about to increase its transaction fees by 30% along with some other measures which are meant to attract more shoppers to the platform.

But in doing so Etsy are running the risk of losing some of the brilliant independent sellers and makers in favour of more mass-produced items that pose as sustainable and ethical purchases.

So if you’re looking for an ethical, sustainable competitor to Amazon or even Etsy, you might be hard-pressed to find truly local, independent businesses all in one place. And you might struggle even more to find sellers who sell second hand, preloved or upcycled goods.

This is why we’re building the Green Heart Directory. It’s an easy way of quickly finding where to shop ethically and sustainably online AND in person. You can search our directory to find preloved shops, vegan restaurants, ethical online stores and much more!

How to Find Truly Sustainable Gifts, Fashion and More

Sustainable, eco-friendly, green…all of these terms can be a minefield when you’re shopping. Greenwashing is now all too common where big brands exploit sustainability for marketing. Which leaves you with a product that isn’t really that good for the planet.

So how can you find products that are really sustainable? The best way to truly shop for planet-friendly products is to buy less, buy better and ideally, buy second hand. This is another issue that we have to tackle as consumers and as business owners. We already generate a lot of waste in the UK, with millions of tonnes of waste left unaccounted for. And if we really want to cut down on carbon emissions, the best way is use what we already have.

Second hand isn’t second rate. A lot of ‘preloved’ goods might be only be worn once, they could be an unwanted gift or might be deadstock, a sample or something that has only been used for photography. Even then, items like a durable denim jacket, a well-thumbed book or some second hand furniture still have plenty of life to give.

It’s not always obvious where to find second hand goods that aren’t in your charity shop down the high street. It’s great to support your favourite charities, however they form only a part of the second hand shopping experience.

We can also explore second hand stores, recycled fashion stores and other shops that sell preloved goods. Another level is when individuals or small businesses either alter or make something new using second hand materials. For example, an upcycled pair of jeans to make a gift.

It’s time to celebrate those amazing sellers, makers, upcyclers, second hand fashionistas, book collectors, and furniture doer uppers! Use our directory today and share the love. Let’s build a platform full of the UK’s planet-friendly businesses.

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