Welcome to the Green Heart Directory

Welcome to the Green Heart Directory

Say goodbye to mindless consumption, fast fashion and the excesses of high street shopping. It’s time to act. Our Green Heart Directory celebrates planet-friendly businesses that champion the ethical consumer revolution, providing fantastic places to shop, eat and enjoy unique experiences without costing the earth.


Use Our Directory to Search for Ethical, Sustainable Purchases Near You

We’re all trying to do our bit for the planet. But it can be hard to find truly sustainable options when you’re shopping online, or when you’re out and about.

We believe that the most sustainable choice comes from shopping preloved, second hand and upcycled.

So this is where our directory comes in. It is full of local businesses, organisations, restaurants and cafes that offer a planet-friendly alternative, whether you’re a fashionista, yogi, book lover, vegan or just want to make more ethical purchases.

It’s totally free to search our listings.

Why YOUR Business Needs to Join Our Directory

Planet-friendly businesses, take up the call, no matter how small! We’re looking for organisations that care about making sustainable, ethical products and experiences. Our sustainable directory stands out as a place to buy nothing new and to support vegan, ethical shops. Does that sound like you or your business?

We can offer you a platform full of businesses like yours that reach people who care about shopping with brands like yours. And you can start today, FOR FREE with our basic listing. We then also offer an inexpensive premium plan if you want your business to gain more exposure.




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